Wednesday, 20 April 2016

When did we become such a police state?

Moral police: check
Fashion police: check 
Food police: check
Art police: check
Thought police: check
Gau police: check 
Patriotism police: check

Police that solves actual crimes: LOL
Police to protect the common man: ROFL
Police for crimes against women: LMFAO

The many crimes of America


I'm wondering when the world will demand answers from the US govt & coalitionists for all the harm they've done the world. Since WW2, the US govt has poked its nose in several conflicts around the world: 

Korea 1950

Lebanon 1958

Cuba 1961

Dominican Republic 1965

Vietnam 1965

Lebanon 1982

Grenada 1983

Panama 1989

Gulf War 1990

Bosnia 1994

Kosovo 1998

Afghanistan 2001

Iraq 2003

Libya 2011

People don't want wars, but the State is always striving for it with an imperialist agenda. Who is the US govt answerable to? Perhaps no one. Don't think the problem is going to go away on its own. Maybe a redrawing of the borders looks imminent.